April 8

Healthcare Reform and Value Analysis


Healthcare reform and value analysis go hand and hand in reducing your healthcare organization’s costs and improving the quality of the products, services, and technologies you are buying. However, these benefits shouldn’t just be limited to value analysis teams and committees.

Tell Your Managers About Value Analysis

Had you thought of training (one-hour in length) your department heads and managers in the tenets of value analysis? If not, here are the benefits of doing so:

  • Reduce the confusion over the benefits of value analysis
  • Gain more cooperation when requesting trials or pilot studies
  • Encourage them to practice value analysis in their own departments

We have done this value analysis training for our clients’ department heads and managers and have found that it has cleared the way for a healthy discussion on how value analysis can benefit them.

All Value Analysis Studies Don’t Need a Team Approach

Sometimes, it makes more sense for a value analysis manager to conduct their own value analysis study vs. handing it over to a VA team. Quick, small projects valued at less than $25,000 in annual spend should be conducted by your value analysis manager without involving your VA team. This tactic will help to keep small projects from clogging your value analysis funnel.

Make Sure You Turn Over Your VA Team Annually

At great way to get many department heads and managers involved with value analysis is to have a one-year term for value analysis team members. This way you can have new team members with fresh ideas every year and provide them with firsthand experience with value analysis. After a few years, you will have dozens of champions within your hospital for your value analysis program.

These are times when value analysis will shine if you take the time to educate your department heads and managers in its tenets, choose to perform some value analysis studies on your own, and make sure you are getting as many department heads and managers involved in your value analysis program as possible.

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