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CliniTrack™ value analysis software is designed to not only take you beyond the world of Word and Excel spreadsheet documents but gives you a decided advantage in managing your VA projects, data, and teams. CliniTrack™ is based on the combined experience of a 33-year value analysis company with rock solid feedback from our customers to make this the best and most effective value analysis software for use by supply chain/value analysis professionals.

Further, every hospital, system, and IDN handles value analysis in a different way. This uniqueness is what defines these organizations’ VA success. Realizing that canned value analysis software may not fit your value analysis model due to its level of maturity, success, and culture, we offer the customization of our CliniTrack™ value analysis software to fit your exact requirements. Why compromise on value analysis software if it doesn’t fit your exact requirements?

Forward-Thinking, Customizable Software

Meaningful Tools, Training, and Support

33-Years of Experience in Value Analysis

Every value analysis program is different because of its level of maturity, success, and culture. That’s why SVAH provides a customizable solution for all of our clients. Whether it’s changing forms, reports, or adding metrics, we can customize CliniTrack™ for your hospital, system, or IDN.

As an acknowledged leader in the healthcare value analysis field, it’s SVAH’s goal to provide everything you and your value analysis and supply utilization teams need to speed up, simplify, and streamline your value analysis and supply utilization management programs to dramatically improve your outcomes and sustain your savings results.

Clinitrack™ value analysis software is a cloud-based solution, therefore all of the headaches, hassles, and cost associated with a software installation and ongoing maintenance are SVAH’s responsibility. No need to involve your busy IT department in this purchase. We’ve got you covered!

Flexible Solutions for Your Value Analysis Needs

  • Customized New Product Requests
  • Value Analysis Team/Committee Management
  • Comprehensive Value Analysis and Savings Reporting
  • Clinical Product Evaluation Survey Module
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Clinical Evaluation Trial Tracking Module
  • Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators
  • Spend and Utilization Integration
  • Savings Validation Reporting
  • Healthcare Value Analysis Academy Knowledge and Resource Library (benchmarks, SMART VA Success Models, best practices, guidebooks, forms, value analysis training and videos, and much more)

Better Information

Better Focus

Better Decision Making

Better Control

Unique Modules That No Other Workflow VA Software Has!

CliniTrack™ is built on a parallel platform with our enterprise supply utilization management tool called Utilizer®. This platform allows you to effortlessly upscale your value analysis system to a high-end value analysis and utilization management system that will allow you to:

  • Manage all of your value analysis activities/tasks related to ongoing actual spend and cost per volume metric
  • Generate new savings opportunities for VA teams
  • Ensure that all implemented VA savings stick
  • Continuously monitor new VA savings opportunities
  • Benchmark peer hospital/system best practices
  • Much, much more!

Can You Pass The Value Analysis Software Test?

We estimate that about one-third of healthcare organizations in the country have Value Analysis Software (VAS), but that leaves two-thirds that don’t.  So, here is a quick test to see if you can pass if you don’t have VAS to organize, manage and monitor your value analysis activities:

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