June 11

Supply Utilization Dashboards: How to Educate, Motivate, and Drive Results


We are all looking for the best tools and latest techniques to help our supply chain team and our executive management focus on our common goals and objectives. In doing so, we would greatly strengthen our resolve, mission, and communications, and thus have ultimate success. 

One of the best ways we know to do so is with DASHBOARDS. Dashboards will enable you to educate, motivate, and drive results in any or all areas of your supply chain operations. Let me give you an example of how this works.

Most of our Dashboard clients have trained and EDUCATED their supply chain and VA team members and their direct reports (CEOs, CFOs, and VPs) on how to use our Dashboard. This has MOTIVATED them to set goals and objectives together to target their utilization misalignments and then to continuously measure, monitor, and DRIVE RESULTS based on the analytics that surface on the Dashboard on a quarterly basis.

Here’s the rest of the story! Our clients tell us that their direct reports regularly communicate with them on how to investigate, uncover, and move the ball forward on specific utilization savings projects. Clients also report that their CEOs, CFOs, and VPs are engaged, enthusiastic, and active participants in their savings initiatives. Prior to employing their Dashboard their direct reports were passive observers of their supply chain and value analysis processes.

I’m sure you realize that if you are to be a top performer in your supply chain discipline you will need all of the players (executive management team, supply chain team, and VA teams) on the same page. From our empirical experience, this can only be achieved by utilizing dashboards to link these diverse groups into one supply chain management system that can educate, motivate, and drive results for your healthcare organization. Your ultimate success depends on it!


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