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Why Hospital Supply Chain Managers Need to Lead by Example


A noted family counselor on a talk show once said that the best example you can give your kids on how to have a good marriage is to have a good marriage yourself. Well, as I see it, this advice also goes for hospital supply chain managers!

Good Advice for Hospital Supply Chain Managers

If you want to have employees that are dedicated, punctual, enthusiastic, hardworking, and accurate in their work, then you, too, need to display these attributes and characteristics in your day-to-day interactions with them. What they see in your behavior will be easier for them to emulate since you taught them what the proper conduct looks like. 

We have all had a number of bosses throughout our careers, and I’m sure you can remember how they influenced your own behavior. If they were punctual for meetings, then you were punctual. If they were sticklers with grammar, then you did everything not to make grammatical mistakes when sending them a memo. And so on and so forth. As you can see, your behavior as a hospital supply chain manager can greatly impact the behavior of your employees.

A Lesson I Will Never Forget

One boss of mine, a hospital administrator at a children’s hospital, was a retired English Colonel who had been stationed in India and he always lead by example. He was prim, proper, courteous, and had a very heavy English accent. One time we both went to one of our nursing floors to measure for new shelving. When we got to the location, he asked me for my tape measure, which I never carried with me. He then said in a disdainful voice, “A supply chain manager without a tape measure, well I never heard of such a thing.” You can imagine how embarrassed I was, and from that day forward I never left home without my tape measure. I will never forget that lesson!

Albert Einstein once said, “Example is another way to teach. It is the only way to teach,” since it shows the way things are done. It gives you a clear understanding of what is being asked of you since you see it exhibited in others’ behaviors. Therefore, don’t miss an opportunity to teach your employees by example. Then they will know what you expect of them and what it looks like when they actually meet your expectations. It’s the only way to teach and have it stick!

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