September 13

Value Analysis Software Test


We estimate that about one third of healthcare organizations in the country have value analysis software (VAS), but that leaves two-thirds that don’t. So, here is a quick test to see if you can pass if you don’t have VAS to organize, manage, and monitor your value analysis activities:

1. Are you still employing paper requisitions for your new product requests?

Yes (   ) No (   )

2. Do you find that you could improve your VA team’s communication and collaboration if you had a tool to make this connection?

Yes (   ) No (   )

3. Would you prefer to simplify your value analysis project reporting and analytics?

Yes (   ) No (   )

4. Do you believe you could improve your VA resources by organizing them more effectively?

Yes (   ) No (   )

5. Would it be helpful to organize and centralize your VA project data?

Yes (   ) No (   )

6. Could it be a benefit if your value analysis team members could access their VA project data remotely?

Yes (   ) No (   )

7. Would it make sense to increase your VA process standardization, so everyone involved in VA is on the same page?

Yes (   ) No (   )

8. If you could improve your VA project management with a VA project manager, would you?

Yes (   ) No (   )

To see if you pass this VAS test, give yourself three points for all yes answers and two points for your no answers. If you score above 18, you should consider value analysis software to greatly improve and upgrade your value analysis program.

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