August 3

Value Analysis Software Can Help You Strengthen and Optimize Your VA Program


A recent survey we conducted confirmed that value analysis practitioners are overwhelmed with the evaluation of new product, service, and technology requests, vetting of new and renewal GPO contracts, and managing the details of their value analysis team(s) process. The good news is that there are seven ways value analysis software (VAS) can help you strengthen and optimize your VA program as follows:

1. Focuses Your Concentration: Everyone involved with your value analysis program (facilitators, team leaders, members, and customers) is on the same page since the VAS enables you to see in real-time all of your value analysis activities.

2. Standardizes Your Process: Instead of reinventing the wheel on each VA study, your value analysis software allows you to have a trainable, repeatable, and auditable VA process for all of your team leaders and members to follow.

3. Creates Visibility For Your Customers: Your customers can see where their new product, service, or technology request is in your value analysis process. This greatly improves your real-time 24/7 communications with your customers.

4. Reduces Your Paper Chase: Permits value analysis practitioners to focus on their VA evaluations and GPO contract vetting vs. spending endless hours chasing and following up, with paper or digital records, new product requests.

5. Consolidates and Organizes Your Data: No longer do you need to wrangle with dozens of spreadsheets or Word documents. You can now work with easy-to-search-and-filter files that are at your fingertips.

6. Facilitates Virtual VA Meetings: With all of your data in one VAS database it is easy for your team leaders and team members to follow along with your value analysis process in a virtual VA meeting.

7. Improves Meeting Management: Value analysis software can help you to manage your VA agendas, minutes, attendance, and keep track of all your VA projects.

No hospital could operate today without electronic health record software. Neither should your value analysis program attempt to manage all of its facets of VA without software to monitor, manage, and control all of your value analysis activities. In other words, it makes good business sense to simplify, transform, and optimize your VA program with value analysis software to make your job easier.

P.S. If you are ready to review value analysis software platforms, please take a look at our CliniTrack™ Value Analysis workflow software before you make your final choice. I can ensure you that it will be time well spent!

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