April 13

Team-Based Project Management Model Is A Good Fit for Virtual Value Analysis Teams


Most healthcare organizations say that they want their employees to generate all or most of the cost savings they require to stay competitive over the next few years, but if they are truly honest with themselves, they eventually realize that their employees do not know how to make these savings happen. So, how can healthcare organizations tap into their employees’ power and experience to generate dramatic savings? The answer is to empower employees with a new team savings system called the Team-Based Project Management Model™ (TBPM) that will give employees the leadership, structure, discipline, and tools to make savings happen for your healthcare organization.

For the last decade or so, healthcare organizations have utilized Six Sigma teams with great success to streamline their processes yet have not utilized value analysis teams effectively to generate the dramatic non-salary savings that they require in the 21st century. The reason for this is that healthcare organizations don’t realize how powerful self-managed value analysis teams can be in generating dramatic savings for their hospital, system, or IDN. However, these savings will not happen unless you adopt and employ a new team model that was not taught in any business school. If your healthcare organization is looking to achieve ambitious, dramatic improvements in reducing and controlling your supply expenses or to climb to the next level of performance with their value analysis teams or committees, it needs to embrace the Team-Based Project Management Model™, which can energize your supply chain cost management initiatives almost overnight.

Supply chain expense management in the 21st century means developing new tools, technologies, and savings models to drive out all of your healthcare organization’s non-value-added costs, while at the same time, improving the quality and outcomes of the products, services, and technologies you are buying for your customers. To accomplish this objective, you must streamline and reinvent your value analysis process utilizing the power of your own employees (in teams) to make these savings and quality improvements happen.

Creating High Performance Value Analysis Teams

Value analysis training alone will not bring about the dramatic results that your hospital, system, or IDN is envisioning. You can prepare your healthcare organization for change and train value analysis teams in the value analysis methodology, but if you do not have the right people, with the right competencies and the right process, looking at the right things continuously, your value analysis program will fail to bring about dramatic results. Value analysis teams have unique characteristics, roles, and structures to enable them to be effective in their sphere of influence. To be successful, these teams must be in alignment with your healthcare organization’s compensation policies and its culture. They will need to develop creative strategies to align themselves with your organization’s short and long-term vision, mission, and goals and objectives. Our answer to this challenge is the creation of the Team-Based Project Management Model™. The TBPM is a hybrid team model having many of the characteristics of a parallel, process, and time-based team model, but with some of its own unique attributes. The TBPM is designed specifically for use as the vehicle to plan, organize, support, control, investigate, study, and implement value analysis savings and quality improvement opportunities for your healthcare organization. The TBPM starts with establishing your value analysis steering committee. (Excerpt from new “Virtual Value Analysis” e-book)

To learn more about TBPM and how it can reinvent and reenergize your value analysis program, please e-mail bobpres@svahsolutions.com for your FREE copy of our new “Virtual Value Analysis: Why & How to Conduct VA Team Meetings in a Changing and Chaotic World” e-book.

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