​​​​SVAH Standardization Optimizer

A Major Break-Through that Enables Hospital Systems to Transform How They Find the Best Value for Product and Manufacturer/Vendor Standardization

  • Faster Visualization of Standardization Opportunities

  • Quickly Highlight Best Value/Practices

  • Thousands of Product and Manufacturer Calculations Simplified to a Few Clicks of Your Mouse

  • 55% Higher Savings Yields Than Manual Methods

Eliminate Thousands of Hours of Manually Capturing Data, Normalizing, Cleansing, Calculating and Recalculating

The biggest challenge for health systems today is getting good, solid data that quickly helps determine when, where, how, and why they should or should not be standardizing throughout their supply/value chains. SVAH, a 33+ year leader in healthcare value analysis, standardization, and utilization management, has developed a solution that is built specifically for health systems from 2 hospitals to 200 hospitals that will assist them in realizing their best value strategies and pinpoint best practice hospitals.

With this new system in place, health systems can strategically attack their standardization and best value savings opportunities instead of wasting their time trying to manually calculate their standardization opportunities one at a time.

The key to success is a system-wide standardization program that automatically does all the heavy lifting so your value analysis and supply chain team can work on the best practice elements that make the most sense for your health system’s value chain.

  • Gain the Upper Hand on Your Standardization Initiatives

  • Maximize Your Savings Yields Faster, With Less Effort and Better Quality Results

  • Gain the Buy-In from Your Clinicians Because Standardization Optimizer Includes a Hospital Volume-Centric Measurement System

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