July 11

Robert W. Yokl Featured on Intalere’s Illuminated Path Podcast Series -Using Value Analysis Processes, Health Economics and Big Data to Create Value for Organizations


Listen to the Podcast Here

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) July 11, 2017

Intalere, the healthcare industry leader in delivering optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes, recently debuted Episode 3 of its Illuminated Path podcast series, “Using Healthcare Value Analysis Processes, Health Economics and Big Data to Create Value for Organizations.” This episode features Bob Yokl, senior vice president and chief operating officer of SVAH Solutions, offering insights from a more than 25-year career as an expert in healthcare value analysis.

With host Lori Pilla, vice president of Intalere Supply Chain Solutions, Yokl discusses supporting healthcare organizations in maximizing profits and efficiencies within their supply chain through healthcare value analysis, as well as methods and trends in big data that create value for all healthcare organizations.

“One popular definition of value analysis focuses on the equation, ‘cost over quality’ and I see that as a misconception,” said Yokl. “It really is more cost over function. Qualities can be subjective, whether a product is a good quality product or not. But a function or a clinical requirement is what we’re really trying to meet with value analysis in any study format.”

Listen to the Podcast Here

Topics included in the discussion are:

  • Defining value analysis and how it has evolved, especially over the past decade.
  • Quality vs. function when determining value.
  • The value analysis funneling process.
  • The struggle to get meaningful data, including turning big data into small meaningful data.
  • The need for robust tools and databases.
  • The challenge of physician engagement.
  • The importance of a healthcare value analysis function in healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Yokl asserted that in the era of value-based healthcare, value analysis professionals, with the proper training, mentoring and tools are critical for organizations to maximize their cost reduction and care quality goals.

The value analysis podcast is the third episode in a new Intalere series entitled, Illuminated Path, shining a light on healthcare’s best operational practices. The first podcast focused on the importance of provider organizations and physicians educating themselves on MACRA. The second covered the concept of shared-decision making in the supply chain. You can listen to this episode and subscribe to Illuminated Path via iTunes or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts.

About Intalere
Intalere’s mission focuses on elevating the operational health of America’s healthcare providers by designing tailored, smart solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes. We strive to be the essential partner for operational excellence in healthcare through customized solutions that address customers’ individual needs. We assist our customers in managing their entire non-labor spend, providing innovative technologies, products and services, and leveraging the best practices of a provider-led model. As Intalere draws on the power of our owner Intermountain Healthcare’s nationally-recognized supply chain expertise and leadership in technology, process improvement, and evidence-based clinical and business best practices, we are uniquely positioned to be the innovation leader in the healthcare industry. Visit http://www.intalere.com to learn more.

Listen to the Podcast Here



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