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SVAH's Purchased Service Advantage Program Helps You Control, Manage, and Wring the Towel Dry On All of Your Purchased Service Savings Opportunities…and Hold Your Gains!

Advanced Purchased Service Analytics Average $2.1 to $4.1 Million in Savings Per Hospital

Why Are Purchased Services So Important? Because They Represent 40% to 45% of Total Non-Salary Budgeted Spend

Your Purchased Service Data Must Be Organized to Save

Not matter how big or small your healthcare organization is, you have a vast amount of raw data that, if compiled correctly, can not only point you in the right direction but give you a major advantage towards vital savings for your organization.

Your Reporting Must Give You Proven Winners Every Time

Just because you spend a lot of money in a particular area of purchased services does not always equate to big savings when you start to perform your value analysis on it. There is more to the purchased service equation than meets the eye, and that is why you need a hospital-centric purchased service system to give you winning savings candidates every time.

Your System Should Make Your Job Easier and Faster

If you are spending 80% to 90% of your time just trying to filter out a purchased service category, then the vital part of your efforts are being expelled in an area that can be quickly automated. This will free you and your team to focus on the major task at hand which is drilling down (with the help of your software) into how and why your costs are out of line. Then, you can spend 90% of your time achieving actual savings instead of wasting it endlessly crunching and filtering numbers that don’t save your organization a dime.

Winning Purchased Service Management Is About Being Able to Focus On the Areas With the Biggest Opportunities to Bring Quality Savings Results to Your Organization and Avoid Dry Holes

An Innovative Software System that Takes Purchased Service Cost Management to a Whole New Level of Savings Beyond Simple Contract Management

  • Get the advantage of knowing where all of your savings opportunities reside at any given time.
  • Get the advantage of high-level reporting that is unmatched in the healthcare environment.
  • Get the advantage of knowing more than your vendors and how much you should be paying for their services.
  • Get the advantage of over 20 years of purchased service expertise and support. We have been where you have been and know the best way to help you accomplish your purchased service related goals.

Are There Bigger Savings Beyond Just Contract Reviews? Yes!

The majority of progressive healthcare organizations have already performed initial reviews of contracting on purchased services through normal contracting channels and their group purchasing organizations, but have seen modest results. The reality is that there are bigger savings still residing in your purchased service contracts but are not uncovered because you are not tracking purchased services thoroughly.

The worst thing that can happen to any healthcare organization is for purchased service utilization costs to increase without knowing where, when, why, or how.

The simple truth is that most hospitals stop short on their purchased service efforts and open the door for costs to creep back into the same contracts that were just finalized. How does this happen? Because you are not continuing to monitor the costs of purchased services that represent 33% of your total hospital budget.

The Purchased Service Advantage:

  • Continuously benchmarks costs (not price) of purchased services by major and minor categories
  • Provides ongoing monitoring for unfavorable trends in utilization
  • Drills down into vendor variances
  • Questions utilization costs beyond the contracts with vendors and key stakeholders

Actual Results by Our Member Clients of Over 26:1

Purchased Service Advantage™ Software as a Service provides you with a turnkey system that takes care of all the heavy lifting involved with purchased service management. The PSA team of purchased service experts keeps your system up-to-date and ensures the accuracy of the reporting on ALL of your major and minor purchased services organization-wide.

PSA Software then alerts you and your staff of unfavorable trends and variances and offers solutions to help you realize potential savings through our SMART Success Model reports to quickly and easily save.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchased Service Advantage™ Software Tools

QUESTION: How much savings can Purchased Service Advantage Software really uncover for us?

ANSWER: Most hospitals realize approximately 11% to 18% additional savings on their overall purchased service budget by implementing Purchased Service Advantage™. If your supply budget is $25 million a year, you can realize $2.8 to $4.5 million dollars in additional savings beyond your contracting process.

QUESTION: If we already had an audit by our GPO or large consulting firm on purchased service contracts, do we really need a system to manage these after they save us so much?

ANSWER: Yes, you need a system as you have achieved the first level of savings through an initial audit, but what your GPO and consulting firms fail to implement is an ongoing tracking and alert system to let you know where your new savings reside moving forward. Remember, purchased services, like supplies, are utilized and purchased every day and should not be treated like a one-time event. The moment those new contracts are put in place there are new savings opportunities in the utilization of those purchased service areas. You must have a system to make you aware of them!

QUESTION: Is there a lot of work involved to attack purchased services?

ANSWER: You get to decide how much you want to push the accelerator pedal down with your purchased service savings opportunities that the Purchased Service Advantage System will detail for you. The PSA system will highlight your best opportunities and the SVAH Solutions team will assist you in documenting and working up a simple straight-forward plan of action that will give you the best value for your organization. Plus, the PSA system will automatically continue to monitor and alert you to any cost regressions or new opportunities that arise.

10 Reasons Why You Should Deploy SVAH’s Purchased Service Advantage™ Software as a Service

1. It can save you 11% to 18% on purchased services. It is much easier than managing your purchased services with spreadsheets.

2. It can uncover purchased service savings that are hidden from your view.

3. It can save you hundreds of hours of research and development.

4. It can make your job quicker, easier, and more productive.

5. It can find purchased service contracts you never knew existed.

6. It can give you a dashboard that will tell you all you need to know.

7. It can do the heavy lifting for you, so you have time to think.

8. It can keep you more organized and on top of your game.

9. It can capture all of your contracts’ details in one place.

10. It is much easier than managing your purchased services with spreadsheets.

Best of all, it can give you the peace of mind that all of your purchased service contracts are under control, competitive, and waste free.


To ensure that our offer to you is RISK FREE, we guarantee that if you don’t save twice as much as our monthly subscription fee after one year we will write you a check for double the fees you paid us for the service. That’s our promise to you – in writing!

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