April 1

Podcast 66 – Integrating Utilization Management Into Your Hospital’s Value Analysis Program


We recently conducted a webinar for our value analysis/supply chain community on the benefits of integrating supply utilization management (SUM) into their value analysis program because we believe there is nowhere else to go to achieve double-digit supply chain expense savings. Here are some highlights from this webinar.

Over the last 76 years value analysis has evolved from a purely manufacturing technique to a universally applied strategy to save money and improve quality in all industries worldwide and has saved billions of dollars for organizations who champion its use. VA is now evolving in healthcare since our new cost and quality challenges require new ways of doing business. In short, our old VA methods need to be updated or they won’t get us where we want to go over the next few years.

When your COO asks where you’re going to get new savings from, we want you to have that answer.

Request Demo of SVAH’s VA and Utilization Tools


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