September 20

Podcast 61 – Savings Beyond Price 2021 – The Future of Healthcare Supply Chain Savings


Hospitals & health systems have achieved huge savings gains from group purchasing and internal supply chain contracting/sourcing over the past 10-15 years. There is no doubt that the healthcare supply chain contracting and strategic sourcing programs have reached a high level of maturity. A byproduct of this high level of maturity, unfortunately, is less price savings opportunities on the table than there used to be in all the major and minor supply categories. Add to this fact that we now have the fallout of 2020 with all the revenue, PPE, and other product sourcing challenges that are still ongoing today.

Though this news may sound bleak, it only means that supply chain needs to add new avenues of savings that have not been tapped into in the past. This podcast is going to take you down this path to Savings Beyond Price and give you a vision, strategy, and tools to find as much as 7% to 15% in additional savings from your supply budget.

>>>Gain A New Perspective of Why “Savings Beyond Price” is the Future of Supply Chain Expense Savings

>>>Set a Path for Finding and Driving Out All Hidden Costs That Are Ready for You to Act On

>>>Find Out How You Can Enhance Your Value Analysis, Standardization, and Strategic Sourcing with New Savings Beyond Price Strategies, Tools, and Techniques


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