March 10

Podcast 45 – Hands Down the Best Tool in the Healthcare Supply Chain – Continual Benchmarking


Benchmarking is nothing new to the healthcare supply chain and clearly you are thinking right now that, “We Benchmark at Our Hospital/System!”   So, you know the value of benchmarking from one level or another, but do we apply this to our supply chain and value analysis initiatives as much as we could?  The answer to that question is a big no!   Why is this?  First and foremost, nobody wants to be compared to another organization and even worse, be told that you are weak or not up to snuff in an area that you should be or perhaps you feel you are.  Yes, you have a choice, choose to ignore the benchmark or try to ask, why is this, why are we running high and what can we do to be the “Best Benchmark” instead of the lower comparative?


benchmarking, healthcare supply chain, hospital, savings

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