​​​​Healthcare Value Analysis Advisor

Supplier Value Analysis Advisory Services

Programs & Services for Healthcare Suppliers & Manufacturers Who Are Looking for New, Better & Longer Lasting Relationships with Health System Supply and Value Analysis Professionals & Their Teams

Imagine Being a Trusted Advisor to the Value Analysis Process Instead of Being Ignored or Left Out Altogether

Current Situation:

  • Viewed as the Enemy
  • Being Kept at Arm’s Length
  • Only Being Able to Present Price, Not Value
  • Little or No Face Time with Teams/Committees
  • Team Totally Focused on Price, Not Value or Quality of the Offerings
  • Seen as the Evil Empire

With SVAH VA Advisor Services & Coaching:

  • A Trusted Advisor
  • Brought in to Consult on Best Value
  • Share Functional Alternatives
  • Work Within Current Contract Parameters
  • Present Best Value and Lower Cost Alternatives
  • Seen as a Trusted Adviser to the Team

Now There are Solutions & Coaching that Can Give You All the Knowledge You Need to Become a Trusted Advisor to Your Client Hospital and System’s Value Analysis Committees/Teams

  • Learn How You Can Become Part of the Solution

  • Learn How to Bring True Value Analysis Based Solutions to Your Customers Every Time

  • Learn How You Can Make Your Job Easier 

  • Learn How to Better Assist Your Customers' Value Analysis Evaluations with Higher Throughput and Quality Results

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