​​​​Fast Target Savings – Rapid Cost Optimization

Is It Time to Accelerate Your Savings Beyond Price?

7% to 15% Savings from Supply Budget Are Available Beyond Price and Standardization!

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Solutions Features

  • Covers All Non-Salary Areas
  • Completed in 30 Days or Less
  • Little or No Work From Your Staff
  • Guaranteed 3:1 in Savings
  • Drill Down from 30,000 Feet to SKU Level
  • Pinpoint Exact Departments Who Waste
  • Provides Trending Reports & Charts
  • Provides Year-Over-Year Trends

Accelerate Your Savings Beyond Price Cost Optimization Program Development with the FTS Solutions Review

Establish Your Baseline

Establish the Baseline Benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators to Power Your Utilization Management Program on an Ongoing Basis

Align and Refine Your Data

Align, Categorize, and Cleanse All of Your Data for Supply Utilization Management

Know Where You Stand

Ascertain How Much Utilization Savings Can Be Achieved Overall, by Major Category and by Departmental Utilization

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