May 31

Digitalize Your Healthcare Value Analysis Program for Better Results


From our perspective, most healthcare value analysis programs are operating with manual tools that we believe are holding them back from achieving better results. When you consider that value analysis practitioners are handling hundreds, sometimes thousands, of new products requests, new and renewal group purchasing contracts, product recalls, etc., annually, there’s got to be a better way to manage, control, and communicate the status of these projects. That’s why converting your manual files, spreadsheets, and Word documents to a digital format, along with creating a database to store, retrieve, and organize your data into a useful workflow can reinvent what you have been doing – almost overnight. Here are seven of your value analysis tasks that can be digitalized and organized for better results:

Digitalize Your Healthcare Value Analysis Program

1. Create a central repository for all new product requests, product recalls, documents, forms, evidence, etc., so you never lose a document again.

2. Triage all new product requests automatically to the proper parties (e.g., accounting, budgeting, value analysis, purchasing, etc.) for immediate actions.

3. Notify customers, stakeholders, and experts of any action taken on their new product requests.

4. Enter all data in real time (24/7) that is shared with all involved parties.

5. Design, compile, and report on surveys to poll customers, stakeholders, and experts on the results of new product trials.

6. Track and report on key performance indicators to improve your value analysis performance.

7. Generate savings and spend reports to measure the effectiveness of your value analysis program.

Easily Accessible Data

Value analysis has become an invaluable core function of supply chain management. As such, it needs to be more focused on action vs. chasing paper documents or wrangling with spreadsheets. The best way we know to do so is to digitalize your records and organize your workflow as an integral component of a database which will structure your data to be accessible in various ways as we outlined above for better results. The bottom line is that your value analysis program can move faster, cheaper, and more effective than you ever thought possible.

P.S. To save time, effort, and expense creating this powerful tool, please consider our CliniTrack™ Value Analysis Manager as the answer to digitalizing and structuring your value analysis data for better results. As a next step, please schedule your FREE “test drive” by emailing [email protected].

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