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Clinical Cost Optimization Made Simple

Uncover Hidden Savings

Save time and difficult analysis while easily gaining the next level of supply chain savings beyond price

3 Short Cuts in Hospital Value Analysis
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High Value Low-Effort Tool

Fast Track Savings

We Do All the Heavy Lifting so You Can Concentrate on Driving Out The Savings

Listen to the Data if You Want to Lead and Innovate in Your Hospital Supply Chain Business
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Systematic – Predictable – Value Driven

Major Savings That You Never Thought Was Possible Before Because You Didn’t Have a System to Report It Out to You…Until Now

Bridging The Supply Utilization Gap With Your Healthcare Value Analysis Program
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Clinical Supply Utilization Management Software

The Next Level of Supply Chain Savings Beyond Price & Standardization

Conventional Supply Chain Strategies Have Reduced Price Savings To Barely 1% to 2% of Total Supply Budget—But Utilization Savings Now Represent over 7% to 15% of NEW Savings From Total Supply Budget!

healthcare value analysis iceberg




"The system highlighted an unusual 

utilization increase in trach tubes

that turned out to be caused by

mismanagement of the trach tube

inventories between Respiratory and

Periop. Because we found this issue

we were able to collaboratively

improve the trach tube inventory

process and improve availability of

custom and standard trach tubes


Clinical Value Analysis Team Leader

“We already have a solid value

analysis program, quality analytics,

and great people! But we still

deployed SVAH’s Clinical Supply

Utilization Tool because of the

proven experience, support, and

results behind the system that fast-

tracked our clinical utilization

program from a basic beginner

stage to advanced expert in just a

few short months!"

Vice President of Supply Chain

Reduce Waste

Increase Value

Improve Quality

  • Increase Awareness of Product Fluctuations
  • Gain Insight Into Clinical Product Use Patterns
  • Uncover Unseen Quality Issues with Products
  • Use Your Own Data as a Powerful Evidence Reporting Engine
  • Easily Track the Before, During, and After Results of Your VA Studies
  • Make Better Decisions with Your Best Evidence – Your Data!

All You Need is a System to Show You Where the 7% to 15% of Savings Beyond Price is Hiding in Your Supply Chain

Let SVAH Show You Where Your Savings are Hiding with a No Cost, No Obligation Demonstration

Schedule a No Cost No Obligation Demonstration of SVAH's Supply Savings Tools to Find Out Where Your Next Level of Savings Beyond Price and Standardization are Hiding