February 8

5 Best Ways To Sell Hospital Value Analysis Training


Larry Miles, the father of value analysis, recommended forty hours of basic training for value analysis practitioners in order to be proficient in value analysis. The reason for this extensive training is that the hospital value analysis team leaders and team members are responsible for reviewing, approving, monitoring, and analyzing the millions of dollars of products, services, and technologies that a healthcare organization buys each year. Doesn’t it make sense that these individuals are prepared, trained, and qualified to handle this responsibility?

Unfortunately, most healthcare organizations appoint a value analysis coordinator, manager, or director and assign them VA teams without giving them or their team leaders and members any formal value analysis training. Instead, their senior management just tell them to go and save money. If you believe, as we do, that the best way to improve your value analysis team’s performance is through training, here are the five best ways to sell value analysis training to your senior management:

Sell Hospital Value Analysis Training to Your Senior Management

1. If You Think Training is Costly, Just Think of What it is Costing Your Healthcare Organization Now Without Value Analysis Training. Can you imagine how much more savings your VA teams could achieve if you were trained how and where to find savings? Or, how to avoid the costly mistakes they could be making by buying higher cost products, services, or technologies than are functionally required? This is happening now without you even knowing it!

2. 26:1 Return On Investment Based On 40 Hours of Training. For every dollar your healthcare organization spends on VA training, it is documented that your value analysis team leaders and team members will save $26 right out of the gate because of the training.

3. Increased Productivity and Performance of Your Value Analysis Teams. The techniques taught in the VA training will increase your VA team’s productivity and performance by a factor of three or more. This is because the training will streamline the way your VA teams do business. No longer will you take weeks to make decisions. Decisions will be timely, well thought out, and positioned for action.

4. Uniformity of Your Value Analysis Processes, Procedures, and Outcomes. Rather than reinvent the wheel on each value analysis study, your VA training will provide templates for uniform VA processes, procedures, and outcomes, thereby, creating a VA model for repeated value analysis studies to save time, effort, and money. Why waste time, energy, and resources when you can fast track your evaluations and VA studies?

5. Boost Moral of Value Analysis Team Leaders and Team Members. Enable your VA team leaders and team members to feel confident, enlightened, and assured that they have been given the tools to master the art and science of value analysis as opposed to being demoralized because of the lack of knowledge, skill, and proficiency in value analysis.

Give Your Teams Confidence

I’m sure you will agree that any time you have received training in a management skill or discipline, you too, have felt confident, enlightened, and assured after mastering the subject being taught. So, why then are you providing no training for your value analysis team leaders and members? It’s a question that we in supply chain management need to answer, especially if we want to be serious about value analysis!

P.S. If you would like to learn more about the scope and depth of value analysis training required for your VA teams, see our www.valueanalysisacademy.com website for details.

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