October 16

4 Reasons Why It’s an Imperative That You and Your VA Teams Have Basic, Advanced and Masterclass Training


Healthcare Value analysis training appears to be at the bottom of most VA practitioners to do list, yet it is an imperative that you and your VA teams have basic, advanced and then masterclass value analysis training. Not one-time training, but training on an on-going basis.  One hospital we worked with that has annual VA training for their VA team leaders and VA team members. This is the only way to ensure that your VA training sticks.  If this isn’t your practice too, here are 4 reasons why you must do so before your Hospital VA teams lose their edge:

  1. Productivity Improves. The worst thing that can happen in your Hospital VA process is that your VA team members do their own thing. Meaning, they have their own value analysis process that they dreamed up, which I can assure you isn’t the best use of their time. You need a proven trainable, audible and repeatable process that everyone follows and that works.
  2. Results are much better. It’s our experience that VA teams without training miss, overlook and skip over savings and quality improvements that would have been captured with just a little VA training.
  3. Absenteeism is less frequent. Because team members are more engaged due to their Value Analysis training they make it a priority to be at every VA meeting.
  4. The process becomes fun. When you have a defined VA process it becomes fun to come to a meeting, not just more work for your VA team members that have very little time to spare.

Healthcare Value analysis training is thought in many supply chain/value analysis circles to be a luxury, when it  really should be a mission critical requirement for all value analysis practitioners that are looking for stellar performances from their value analysis teams.  To do less, is shortchanging your healthcare value analysis program of the spark that training returns to your healthcare organization.


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