February 18

4 Reasons Why Data Visualization is The Best Way to Sell Your Savings Ideas


It’s been our experience that the easiest way for our clients to sell their savings ideas to their department heads and managers is with data visualization, or the representation of data in the form of a chart, diagram, picture, etc. Here are four reasons to consider incorporating data visualization into your savings recommendations:

1. Visual information is more easily understood than numbers and statistics: When your mind sees information in a visual form, it reacts to patterns, trends, and anomalies in the data, such as, buying the same product monthly when a group buy quarterly would dramatically save money for your hospital, system, or IDN. It’s the fastest way to save money!

2. Creates new discussions: I remember a supply chain manager I spoke with who was frustrated with the inaction of his surgeons when he told them he could save 15% on their orthopedic implants if they would only standardize on one vendor. A much better way would have been for this supply chain manager to graphically show his surgeons who, what, when, and how they were buying from multiple vendors and the cost of doing so. I guarantee this would have led to successful conversations with his surgeons on reducing their orthopedic implant costs.

3. Allows your customers to recognize anomalies in their data more quickly through data visualization: For instance, why is the environmental department using hundreds of hypoallergenic gloves per month? Why is our DaVinci Robot cost per case up by $700 when our DaVinci case load is down by three percent? And why are we continuing to buy a commodity that has been recalled?

4. Overcome verbal pushbacks from department heads and managers on your savings ideas: Most reasons for a value analysis and/or supply chain change are in the name of cost and quality improvement. In most cases, your customers do not want to change unless they create the change themselves. They will naturally try to talk away any change that is being recommended, unless you have clear cut visual data to help sway them for the need to change and that the change is a quality change for their departments.

It might surprise you that your data is worthless unless it tells a story that is enhanced through visualization. In fact, data visualization almost speaks for itself without much discussion needed to tell your story. That’s how you sell your savings ideas to your department heads and managers without the hassle you have experienced in the past.

Source: DZone.com

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