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3 Tips About Value Analysis Committees Vs. VA Teams You Can’t Afford To Miss


We continue to see value analysis professionals in 2022 working through a value analysis committee structure on new and renewal GPO contracts, new product requests, recalls, etc., even if they call them value analysis teams. Let me remind you that there is a big difference. To this end, here are three tips about value analysis committees vs. teams you can’t afford to miss:

1. VA Committees Hold Back Productivity. The nature of a VA committee is to be passive, spoon feed information to their members, and have the members respond to polling for decisions. Whereas, a VA team shares fact finding, decision making, and holds each other accountable. Therefore, VA teams can be much more productive in practice because they move at their own pace!

2. VA Committees Force VA/Supply Chain Pros To Do All The Work. A VA committee structure forces value analysis professionals to do all the work of their committees. Whereas a VA team structure shares the VA workload with all its team members. For instance, having a team member investigate why their OR department is using twice as many endomechanical reloads than their companion hospitals in the health system. In a committee structure, the VA manager would do this legwork, when in reality, the responsible department needs to investigate and set corrective actions in place.

3. VA Committees Lack A Sense Of Urgency. Generally, value analysis teams have deadlines to get their work done. VA committees aren’t worried about deadlines; they just continue to meet until their work is done. This lack of urgency creates problems for their department heads and managers who are looking for approvals of their new product requests.

We have worked with value analysis committees and teams for over 30 years and have seen the upside and downside of both structures. That’s why we believe that value analysis teams far outperform value analysis committees if they are structured properly. So, if you still have value analysis committees in 2022, maybe it’s time to replace them with value analysis teams to up your VA game.

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