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Your Biggest Cost Savings Opportunity is Often Ignored After the Right Product at the Right Price at the Right Time at the Right Place Happens

By Robert Yokl | February 19, 2019

For many in the healthcare supply chain, the old touchstone has been the cornerstone of best practice for over 50 years.  What happens after the product is in our customers hands?  What happens after the contract has been implemented/converted and/or value analysis has chosen the best valued product?  We know that the right price is in our ERP/Purchasing Systems but do the dollars hit the bottom line?  In order to get a better grasp on this concept, validation needs to occur because the costs ramifications cannot be left flapping out in the wind any longer.

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The Four Stages of Value Analysis Maturity: Where Do You Fit into this Continuum?

By Robert Yokl | January 22, 2019

By my estimation, healthcare value analysis has a 40-year history in the healthcare industry.  Along the way, hospitals, systems and IDNs have developed, sometimes in a vacuum, their own value analysis model.  Based on our empirical experience, here are the four stages of value analysis maturity and where we see healthcare organizations on this continuum:

Five New Stratagems That Will Transform Your Purchase Service Cost Management Efforts Evermore

By Robert Yokl | January 17, 2019

I think that just about everyone in healthcare supply chain/value analysis management realizes that there are savings in the range of 7% to 15% in their healthcare organization’s purchase services with their price and standardization tactics.  However, most hospitals, systems and IDNs are just skimming the surface of their purchase service savings  with these tactics, […]

Four Ways Your Supply Value Analysis Program Needs to Evolve in 2019

By Robert Yokl | January 8, 2019

If your supply value analysis program doesn’t evolve, trust me, it will eventually stagnate.  This is because you can’t be doing the same thing for years and then hope somehow improvements will just happen.  It just doesn’t work that way! Just as important, your supply chain department has cut your price at the pump to […]

Four Reasons Why Your Purchase Service Acquisition Cost is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

By Robert Yokl | December 18, 2018

Supply chain professionals should know by now that managing and controlling their purchase service cost is a best practice. But did you know that your purchase service (PS) acquisition cost is only the tip of the iceberg?  Yes, that’s right. 80% of your purchase service costs is beneath the water line beyond price. Here’s four reasons […]

Three Ways That a Strategic Vision Can Make Your Value Analysis Teams Invincible

By Robert Yokl | December 4, 2018

We are always preaching that a Strategic Value Analysis Plan (revised annually) is mission critical to your value analysis program’s success. This is because a SVAP will give you a “Strategic Vision” to see the future state of your Value Analysis Program.  This “Strategic Vision” will also enable you to: Gain buy-in of your senior […]

6 Rules to Ensure Effective and Flawless Value Analysis Team Meetings Every Time

By Robert Yokl | November 6, 2018

Some of the most basic meeting management rules, if  followed, can make your hospital value analysis team meetings run flawlessly.  Here are the six rules that can ensure you of effective Value Analysis team meetings every time: Develop a Meeting Agenda: Your meeting agenda should be your roadmap for your hospital VA team meetings. They […]

3 Advanced Value Analysis Tactics That You Need to Know for Your VA Teams to be Better Than Just Good

By Robert Yokl | October 30, 2018

There are simple low-tech ways for you to raise the bar on your hospital value analysis program and we compiled three of the best areas that believe are most effective over the years.   In an age where everyone is striving for more sophistication in their value analysis programs does not mean that you do not […]

What Happens When the Products, Services and Technologies You Buy Are in The Hands of Your Customers?

By Robert Yokl | October 9, 2018

We all assume that when we buy a product, service or a technology for our customers that it is used as intended, is appropriate, and has no added cost to it. The fact is, SVAH’s experience over the last 15 years in the new discipline of Clinical Supply Utilization Management is that anything can happen […]

How to Sell the Concept of Supply Utilization Management to Your Senior Leadership

By Robert Yokl | October 3, 2018

Up until recently, supply expense management was all about best pricing, standardization and compliance to GPO contracts; that’s how supply chain professional’s performance was graded by their senior management. However, the supply chain expense game has changed forever, now that supply utilization management has been added to this list of must haves to dramatically reduce […]

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